Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vampwriter Editing is Open for Business!

I've hung my shingle out again as an editor!

The last time was in 2008 and not a lot happened. But things have changed in publishing as more and more new writers are uploading their works to digital hosting sites like Kindle, PubIt!, and Smashwords.

I'm no different--I've three titles from my backlist up and the books are earning money. I edited the hell out of them, proofing, tweaking and proofing again. I'm a perfectionist about that kind of thing, and it helps to have 20+ years of experience in the craft.

So I got to thinking other writers with books to upload might want to have a professional edit before releasing their words to the wild.

Where to go for a pro edit that won't cost too freaking much? That would be me.

The pitch is on the website, along with rates and turnaround time, and I DO cost a lot less than the others. The rates suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association are also linked in, so you can compare the two.

My target market are those writers wanting a professional level edit for their baby. You get the same effort I put into the anthologies. Please, do check the names of all those NYTimes bestselling writers who have stories in them. 

No, your book probably won't make that list, but it WILL read all the better for an editor's input.

To quote Amanda Hocking:

"My biggest word of advice to any new/future writers thinking about diving into Kindle: Edit. I don't care what you think, you didn't edit enough. Some people won't care that there's errors, its true, but enough of them will. And they paid for it, so they have a right to. So edit more. And then again. Really."

Sounds like a plan. Check it out!