Friday, October 22, 2010

Ya learn something new every day

What I have learned this week is what one of my characters thinks about me.

Um...yeah...straying into strange territory here, but I assure you I'm not putting on my crazy hat so I can talk about them like they live next door. That kind of thing makes one's readers wince, so I promise I'm not throwing birthday parties with prezzies for the characters; that would be silly.  

A simple greeting card is just fine! They've told me so.

Okay, never mind.

What sparked this blog was my having to do a thousand words for the OryCon32 program book. They wanted a short fiction from one of their guests of honor, and I was going to just have my vamp PI drop in for a short, hopefully amusing conversation. 

Those are usually fun!

But the con has reminded me that it's 20 years since Jack Fleming popped out of my brain to stalk across the pages of Bloodlist and 11 other books, and somehow I wound up addressing his moment of creation--but from Jack's point of view.

The piece has his byline, and he tells how he was born. If you think that sounds weird, imagine how *I* felt writing it! I've been taking dictation from him for 20+ years now, but it was unsettling. In a good way. I think. Still wrapping my head around it.

After the convention next month I'll post the piece on this blog, then this post will make more sense.  The thing that sticks with me is that after all the crap I put the guy through in the books he still likes me.

It's nice to know that no matter what, Jack Fleming has got my back.

Which is pretty cool. Bizarre, but cool.

Right, blog entry completed. I'm outta here.

NOW I'm going to put on my crazy hat and---

---get nekked at the airport! Wheee!

Have cabana boys and lots of chocolate standing by for after I make bail!

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