Thursday, February 2, 2012

Price drop on the Omnibus!

Wow--it's been ages since I did a blog update.  I've been busy writing, hopefully no one minds.

This is to let anyone who's wondered know that the website is temporarily offline. I've changed over to a new host server and unfortunately uploaded the files the wrong way, and it will take too much time away from my writing to correct the problem. I already lost a whole day messing with things, argh.

It will be sorted, just not today or even tomorrow. The deadline is more important.

I still want to sell books, though, and the only links to the digital ones on Kindle are on my website.

So here you go:

The P.N. Elrod Lunchtime Reading Omnibus

Something cool: I've dropped the price from 4.99 to 3.99. Sales have been good, but anthologies don't often sell as well as novels, so we'll see what happens. The website has samples from each story, but those are unavailable for the present.  Kindle does let you download a sample and it has a "Look Inside" feature, so those will have to do for now.

This book is available as a free download for Kindle Prime members.

The Devil You Know Kindle   

On  Nook  and  Smashwords 

Jonathan Barrett, Gentleman Vampire   Kindle  Four books, one download!

On Nook 

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